UC San Diego continues to meet with community members to explore the potential for developing a new center for craft programming. As a brief history, the Crafts Center was temporarily closed for the 2012-13 academic year due to funding shortfalls in University Centers and an inability for the program to be self-supporting.

The University Centers is a student-fee funded campus department that funds the Crafts Center, Price Center, Student Center, and Che Facility. The University Centers is primarily funded by the University Center student fee. Its annual budget is approved by the University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB), a student-chaired student majority board. Budget information is available at http://universitycenters.ucsd.edu.

In the spring of 2013, at the recommendation of UCAB, the Associated Students and Graduate Student Association advanced a fee increase referendum that would have included funding for the Crafts Center operation and facility safety improvements. The student vote failed. After reviewing budget projections, facility needs, and the results from the 2012 Student Use and Priority Survey, UCAB advised University Centers not to reopen the Crafts Center in FY2013-14.

Over the next two years, UCAB continued to work with the student governments toward a financial model that would address student priorities for University Centers. The Crafts Center program and facility were not included in the financial model and referendum that was passed by the student body in spring 2015. As a result, the Crafts Center has remained closed and by order of the UCSD Fire Marshal the facility was demolished in September 2015.

Any questions regarding University Centers programs, including the Crafts Center, should be directed to Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life, Gary Ratcliff, at (858) 534-4378.